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Environmental management

BRIGHT's environmental management system meets the requirements of and has been certified to the standard of ISO14001:2015. Our Environmental Policy underscores our commitment to sustainable practices, resource efficiency, regulation compliance, and collaboration with supply chain partners. Through it, we aim to minimize our environmental impact, promote sustainability, and align with global initiatives such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

BRIGHT Products Environmental Policy 

Product Design:

We design our products to minimize their adverse environmental impact throughout their entire lifecycle, including production, use, and disposal.

Resource Efficiency:
We strive to reduce resource consumption, minimize waste generation, and prevent pollution in all our operations.

We proactively comply with environmental legislation relevant to our business activities.

Supply Chain Collaboration:
We encourage our suppliers to adopt the same environmental principles and practices that we uphold.

Strategic Decision-making:
We give due consideration to this Environmental Policy when making future planning and investment decisions.

Continual Improvement:
We set environmental targets and objectives within the scope of our environmental management system to achieve continual improvement and sustainable development.

This Environmental Policy applies to all BRIGHT employees.

The CEO & Management Team are responsible for implementing this policy.

This Environmental Policy will be publicly available and accessible on the BRIGHT website. The published electronic version will always represent the most recent edition.

Reporting Violations
We encourage and expect employees to report incidents of non-compliance. Violations of this Environmental Policy can be reported to the Management team. Reports can be made directly or through a manager. Whistleblowers will have the option to remain anonymous, to the extent legally permissible.

BRIGHT Products upholds a non-retaliation rule and ensures that no adverse work-related consequences will befall any employee who, in good faith, alerts management to possible violations of this policy.

Further Guidance and Assistance

While this policy serves as the fundamental document guiding our environmental efforts, additional directives, both global and local, are equally binding.

Each employee is responsible for understanding which policies, directives, and related documents apply to their roles.

UN Sustainability Development Goals

BRIGHT is committed to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Our efforts focus on:

SDG 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy: we ensure access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable solar energy products.

SDG 12
- Responsible Consumption and Production: we design products that are easily repairable and recyclable to ensure sustainable consumption over generations.

SDG 13 - Climate Action: we work to reduce our carbon footprint in our products and activities.

SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals: we engage with other businesses, governments, NGOs, and international organizations to implement the 2030 Agenda.

We recognize that the 17 SDGs are interconnected, and we pursue our work following the principle of Leaving No One Behind.

For questions regarding this policy, please contact the policyholder, Madeleine Chapman Kjellevand

Revision date: 25.01.2024

Relevant References:
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ISO 14001:2015
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