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Design process

At BRIGHT, we take pride in our in-house design and development process. Through it, we craft the quality products that users need. Products that are enriching and easy to integrate into their daily lives.

A hands-on journey

Our design process is not just conceptual but a tangible, hands-on journey. We step out of the office and into the real world, where we meet the users of our products. Their stories spark our creativity for the next steps to realize and launch new products.

In this journey, every step is an iterative and continuous refinement to create great products, either by learning and adjusting our goals or by changing and improving our designs; the one thing that remains constant is our passion for making things happen.

Values at the core - collaboration at the front

Exploring new products, we consider everything we value and drive our work. We frame users at the center, but in the bigger picture, it is the environment holding it all together. We aim to make products that will not harm the planet unnecessarily and have a lifecycle approach to sustainable design. To walk that talk, we leverage a culture of innovation based on our

Three Pillars of Sustainability: Durability, Repairability, and Recyclability.

We listen actively to our customers and are also tightly integrated with our engineering and manufacturing partners, from whom we learn. Together, this helps improve and push the boundaries of the norm by implementing the latest technologies that allow us to reach our shared goals.

Prototyping is our magic wand

Our designers and engineers have various tools and expertise that allow us to explore, test and develop new concepts. Among these tools, early prototyping is common in our process, from simple models made of foam and paper to the more advanced 3D prints with functional electronics.

Through prototyping, we can quickly translate user insights into tangible ideas that make it possible to gather swift feedback to inform further iterations. It is our way of testing that the products we bring into the world are worthy.

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Line Iren Andersen

Head of R&D and Manufacturing

I lead our products' development and production planning to efficiently deliver high-quality, sustainable solutions. Through close collaboration with our suppliers, partners, and users, I ensure we continue to improve our products and way of working.

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Homero Heredia

Product Designer

I translate user needs and technology possibilities into manufacturable products that responsibly consider the environment and the people interacting with them throughout their entire lifecycle.

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