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Our team

Line Iren Andersen

Head of R&D and Manufacturing

I lead our products' development and production planning to efficiently deliver high-quality, sustainable solutions. Through close collaboration with our suppliers, partners, and users, I ensure we continue to improve our products and way of working.

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Homero Heredia

Product Designer

I translate user needs and technology possibilities into manufacturable products that responsibly consider the environment and the people interacting with them throughout their entire lifecycle.

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Weronika Matuszak

Customer Relations, Logistics and Compliance Manager

I ensure timely global deliveries and customer satisfaction. Handling orders from beginning to end and collaborating with partners and across departments, I aim to create the best possible customer experience.

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Mohammed Yassin

Technical Engineer

I ensure our products high-five the global standards as I troubleshoot challenges, optimize systems, and engineer the future of light and energy for all.

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Lorena Muñoz Carmona

Sustainability and Partnership Manager

I ensure that sustainability is integrated into all aspects of our activities. I also cultivate new and existing partnerships with our customers and bring in the voices of our end-users.

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Madeleine Chapman Kjellevand

Head of Sales and Partnerships

I drive our mission forward by nurturing key partnerships and expanding our market. I am dedicated to ensuring quality in all our endeavors and delivering the best products and services for our customers and end-users.

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Laura Roche Villareal (currently on parental leave)


I safeguard the company as BRIGHT's financial steward, scrutinizing costs and strategically navigating BRIGHT's fiscal waters.

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Vidar Eskelund


I ensure we have the best team so that BRIGHT fulfills its commitment to enable access to light & energy anywhere. Together, we work towards innovation and delivery of sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on both people and the planet.

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Karianne Ellekrans

Marketing & Communications

I act as the caretaker of our brand and, together with the team, aim to make what we do and how it adds value for our customers as clear and straightforward as possible to communicate.

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Åge Saxlund

Chair of the board

Marius Andresen

Co-founder & board member

Even Aas-Eng

Board member

Hilde S. Tavares

Board member