Safe, affordable and clean energy for all

This is what we, at BRIGHT, work for every day! Our products provide access to light and sustainable energy anywhere: from larger cities to remote areas, from Norway to Kenya and more than 40 other countries in the world.​

We offer a safer every day by replacing kerosene, diesel and AA batteries, as well as the possibility of reducing monthly costs spent on light and charging. At BRIGHT, we collaborate with both commercial distributors and the humanitarian sector to develop appropriate products and widen our impact. We strive to make power more accessible by providing better possibilities for development and safety

Our inspiring stories

How we impact the world

15 337 210
People with improved energy access
4 004 850
Tons of CO2e emissions avoided
5 096 308W
Installed capacity
$604 224 955
Savings on fossil energy sources

We have focus on the following UN Sustainable Development Goals