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Apr 23, 2024

Pioneering Partnerships: BRIGHT at DIHAD

BRIGHT has been a proud participant at the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development (DIHAD) Conference & Exhibition for several years. We are back again this year with a booth at the Norway Pavillion organized by Innovation Norway. But why exactly are we here? Why DIHAD?

Cultivating meaningful synergies to support those in need

Established in April 2004, the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development (DIHAD) Conference & Exhibition serves as a platform for humanitarian aid providers to connect with key actors from the corporate and governmental sectors. This interaction facilitates the exchange of knowledge and resources and cultivates meaningful synergies to support those in need.

Showcasing innovative aid solutions

Similarly, Innovation Norway fosters collaborations between humanitarian and private actors. They create dynamic spaces and initiatives where governmental and humanitarian aid and development organizations can discover innovative aid solutions and the companies behind them. The Norway Pavillion at the DIHAD 2024 Conference & Exhibition is one such space where BRIGHT can showcase our innovations.

Meeting our key partners

For BRIGHT, DIHAD provides a rare occasion to meet our key partners face-to-face, hear their feedback and learn more about what they seek in us as partners and product developers. Furthermore, we learn from and participate in fruitful discussions and get to introduce our latest developments.

Emphasizing stakeholder collaboration

The theme of DIHAD 2024 underscores the impact of humanitarian diplomacy on various global challenges, including access, human security, climate change, migration, and international health. It emphasizes the importance of stakeholder collaboration in effectively addressing these multifaceted issues.

As advocates for sustainable progress, BRIGHT is privileged to be part of this ecosystem, where ideas transform into tangible actions and partnerships are the catalysts for meaningful change and lasting impact.