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Mar 3, 2024

SunBell: first solar lantern categorized as a UNHCR core relief item

Access to light and charging is a vital basic need for displaced people. More than 3.9 million SunBell solar lamps have been distributed since 2014.

Access to light and charging is a vital basic need for displaced people, who often flee their homes with few possessions. The UNHCR has traditionally distributed plastic sheets for shelter, blankets, a kitchen set, soap, and clothes as core relief items. In 2014, SunBell solar lamp from BRIGHT was added to this list, the first solar lantern categorized as a core relief item.

The importance of good lighting in displacement camps

Having good lighting is essential for daily life in a displacement camp. Both for performing ordinary tasks or finding your way safely after dark. Where traditional sources of lighting such as candles and kerosene lamps have poor light quality and emit toxic fumes, solar offers a safer and superior lighting option.

Education and connectivity

The education of refugees is crucial to the peaceful and sustainable development of the places that have welcomed them and to the future prosperity of their own countries. Often, the only time they get a chance to do homework.

In a situation where you have been forcibly displaced, being able to use mobile phones and the internet is crucial. Both for safety reasons and to communicate with family and friends, essential for one's overall wellbeing. With this, they have access to energy to keep their devices charged. becomes vital.

Exceptionally well-suited

The versatility of the SunBell was an important argument for choosing it. It can be used as a hanging light, portable lantern, reading light, and hands-free neck torch; it meets a family's many different needs. Additionally, it can charge a low-voltage device, is safe and uses renewable, environmentally friendly energy. All in all, SunBell was exceptionally well-suited.

Solid impact  

3,9 million SunBells have been distributed since 2014. According to GOGLA impact metrics for BRIGHT, that is equal to replacing well over three million kerosene lanterns, candles, and battery torches, reducing the risk of respiratory infections and carbon monoxide poisoning. It has also reduced greenhouse gas emissions by over four million tons.

SunBell has provided essential lighting and charging solutions and has made significant progress in promoting safety, education, and environmental sustainability in displacement camps.