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Electronic circuit board (PCB) repair

Required tools

  • Screwdriver: Phillips head

  • Main PCB

Step 1

Unscrew lamp casing

Using a Phillips screwdriver, carefully remove the 2 screws at the front and back of the lamp's body.

Screws are small and light, so make sure to place them in a safe spot to avoid losing them.

Step 2

Open the plastic casing

Carefully separate the two parts of the lamp by pulling the white shade and the black base in opposite directions.

Step 3

Pull battery out from bottom casing

After removing the shade, the main electronic circuit board (PCB) will be exposed.

Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the 6 screws around the entire perimeter of the board.

Step 4

Remove electronics board and frame

Once all 6 screws have been removed, carefully separate the white plastic frame from the black base of the lamp.

Make sure to pull gently as cables connect the two parts.

Step 5

Disconnect harness cables

Underneath the PCB, there are 3 sets of cables. 

Gently pull the cables away from the circuit board and disconnect everything. 

Make sure to pull the colored cables from the white connector and not pull on the connector itself, as this might lead to breaking it.

Step 6

Remove Main electronics board

Remove the PCB from the lamp, and take the plastic frame around the circuit board off.

The PCB you removed contains valuable materials and minerals. To maximize its chances of being recycled, it should be disposed of as e-waste and handed over to a recycler.

Step 7

Install new PCB

Assemble the new PCB into the plastic frame. Each part has a straight edge on one side; ensure they are aligned.

LEDs must be facing up when the circuit board sits in the frame.

Align the two straight edges of the frame and circuit board

Step 8

Reconnect Battery

Reconnect the battery cables to the PCB connector. Make sure to use the connector next to the round edge of the frame.

Battery must be connected at the round side of the board.

Step 9

Reconnect remaining cables

Step 10

Reassemble the lamp

Reverse each step from steps 4 to 1 to reassemble the lamp.

Step 11

Place top frame back

Align and lightly press down the circuit board and frame until it sits in place.