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SunBell: Power button cover repair

Required tools

  • Screwdriver: Torx T5

  • Screwdriver: Torx T6

  • Knife

  • Button cover

Step 1

Unscrew lamp casing

Using a Torx T6 screwdriver, carefully remove the 3 screws at the bottom of the case.

Screws are small and light, so make sure to place them in a safe spot to avoid losing them.

Step 2

Open the plastic casing

Carefully separate the two parts of the plastic casing. Do not pull too fast, as a battery cable is still keeping them together.

Step 3

Pull battery out from bottom casing

Gently pull out the battery.

If the battery is locked very tight, pull firmly but with care not to damage the cables.

Avoid using sharp tools such as pliers, which may damage or break the cables to the battery. This is a safety hazard!

DO NOT use sharp edge tools to pull battery out.

Step 4

Disconnect battery from electronic circuit board (PCB)

If your lamp's battery has a connector:

The connector consists of a socket soldered to the electronics board (PCB) and a plug attached to the battery cables. Using your fingers, gently pull the plug out of the socket. (Pulling on the entire connector might lead to breaking the solder.)

You might find silicon glue around the connector; remove it by simply pulling the connector away.

If your lamp's battery cables are soldered directly to the electronics board (PCB), there is no connector:

Continue to Step 5 – and be careful NOT to bridge the two ends of the battery with any metallic item

Step 5

Unscrew electronic circuit board (PCB)

Using a Torx T5 screwdriver, remove the 2 screws from the board. One or both might be hidden behind the black foam piece.

Screws are small and light, so make sure to place them in a safe spot to avoid losing them.

Step 6

Lift up electronics board

Carefully pry up the PCB using a knife or a flathead screwdriver. Once you can see the edges of the circuit board, you can use your fingers to lift and rotate it to expose the underside.

Be careful not to pull too far/hard, as the PCB  is soldered to two more wires underneath.

Step 7

Remove damaged button cover.

Using a pointy tool, like a screwdriver, push the remaining material from the damaged cover button from the top down and remove it from the underside of the casing top.

Step 8

Install the new cover button.

Align the new cover button with the hole in the casing top, and push it down until the button's rim is secured.

Try pressing the button several times to ensure it stays in place.

Step 9

Reassemble the lamp

Reverse each step from steps 5 to 1 to reassemble the lamp.