When the nights get longer and the sun sets

When Thea and Haakon bought a house with a garden, it felt like they suddenly had an extra room.
It is where they spend their summer evenings – illuminated by solar energy.

Bright lampe. Kunde: Kitchen. Foto copyright: Charlotte Wiig

– Hi there!

Thea waves and runs down the small alley that leads down to her garden. Here, in what is called a garden village, the couple from Molde have found themselves a rural paradise in the heart of the city. Behind hedges and brick houses lay idyllic garden patches. Here, there are no gates or fences.

– There is an unwritten rule among those who live here that the gates should be kept open, so that everyone can move freely through the garden as they like.

A year ago, Thea moved to the garden village with her partner Haakon, and their son Frans (2). To Thea, the distant dream of owning a house with a garden suddenly became reality.

– We never imagined we would be able to buy our dream home so early. We still can’t quite believe it, says Thea and laughs.


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Illuminated gardening

Now, the family enjoys every moment of daylight in the garden. When the sun sets and the little one has gone to bed, the couple remains outside long into the night.

- That is when we get time to work in the greenhouse, garden and shed, says Thea.

The plan is to soon have an outdoor kitchen, complete with fridge and freezer.

- When we do, we can pretty much move out here. It is almost like any other room to us now.

For the dream to come true, the couple needs to extend their electrical grid to the garden. Until then, their work is helped a smart little solar light – BRIGHT SunBell Smart.

- It’s brilliant. You can hang it anywhere! Haakon shouts excitedly from inside the shed.

Meanwhile, Thea is testing the lamp in the greenhouse, and notes that she now has far more time available to plant her seeds.

- I want to grow all sorts of plants in here, she says and picks up a flowerpot.

- Look, this is the first time I’ve managed to grow a sunflower!

EVENING WORK: Thea loves working in the greenhouse and garden in the evenings.
Bright lampe. Kunde: Kitchen. Foto copyright: Charlotte Wiig

GARDEN PARTY: Gathering friends around a nicely set table is a favorite activity for Thea and Haakon. In the summer they often arrange garden parties for friends and family.

A light to gather around

The BRIGHT SunBell Smart is charged using the sun, and one charge can provide 120 hours of light on its lowest setting. That’s plenty of light to illuminate a garden party – even one that lasts until morning. That’s good, because Thea is planning exactly that.

– Have you had many parties since moving in?

– Oh yes, Thea responds swiftly with a big smile.

As a designer, she is probably more than a little concerned with the look of her surroundings. In the garden a table is covered with white cloth, beautiful flowers, fruit – and solar lamps.

– People are naturally drawn to light. It’s where we gather. Having something to look at is comforting.

Thea also hangs SunBells from the trees. One is placed in a hedge, and more on the lawn surrounding a small table in their outdoor “living room”. With their adjustable brightness Thea makes sure none of the guests will be blinded by the display.

– My parents also have one in their cabin, Thea tells us.

That was where Thea first saw the SunBell. Without access to electricity, the BRIGHT lamp is perfect as a reading light, or even as a companion to the outhouse when night has fallen.

Bright lampe. Kunde: Kitchen. Foto copyright: Charlotte Wiig

OUTDOORLIFE: Thea and Haakon love to be outdoors and have had many nice evenings in the garden after moving into their dream home a year ago. With BRIGHT SunBell Smart, summer evenings are even longer.

GATHERING AROUND THE LIGHT: - People gather around light, says Thea. She is an exposure designer and conscious of using light when decorating a party. SunBell Smart can easily be hung in the trees - or elsewhere.

WORK HELP: The dream is an outdoor kitchen in the garden. For the two happen Haakon and Thea will need electricity. So far they are getting good working help in the shed from the SunBell lamp.

LED before bedtime

Soon, the garden village is all set for another summer party. But first, young Frans must be put to bed. He grabs one of the lights and runs up the small alley, playing with the flashlight and laughing as he illuminates his own face. Because the SunBell’s lights are made of LEDs, they do not emit heat and Frans’ parents can rest easy knowing that it is safe for him to play with.

Frans laughs and giggles.

Thea is grateful that they have found a place in the city, that is child-friendly and where they can live outdoors during summer.

- We’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, but never had as much as a small backyard. After moving here, our life has changed completely.

With the SunBell Smart from BRIGHT they now spent more time outdoors, and the summer nights are even longer and brighter.