Give two gifts in one this year!

BRIGHT gives 50 NOK to Redningsselskapet and Natteravnene for every product sold in our web shop – for the rest of the year.

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In the days leading up to Christmas, we tend to focus our attention towards our closest ones. We travel long distances to get home for Christmas. Uncles, aunts and cousins must be paid a visit, presents are to be exchanged, Christmas cards must be written, and long to-do lists are filled out.

As many of you may know, BRIGHT supports many projects in parts of the world where access to energy is limited. Our solar lamps are perfect for these environments and are developed for exactly these purposes. But this Christmas, we want to support some initiatives in Norway as well!

We have chosen to donate 50 NOK for every product we sell in the web shop to Redningsselskapet and Natteravnene, for the rest of the year.

How does it work?

So, everyone who makes a purchase on our web shop will automatically support one of these initiatives. You can either choose which one you want your share to go to or do nothing and we will choose for you.

And the best thing about it? The products cost the same as they do the rest of the year. We will cover the 50NOK for every product purchased.

When you complete a purchase in our web shop you will get a certificate from us that shows that you have contributed to the project. You can either share this in social media and show your friends and family or print out a certificate if you are to give the product away to a friend. On the printed certificate we have left an open spot where you can fill out the name of the recipient.

We wish you all a merry Christmas, from all of us in BRIGHT.