Tips for charging solar products

We spend more and more time outdoors, beyond the reach of the power grid. The smartphone is both a camera and communications center, and we need light for dark evenings. We are more concerned with climate-neutral solutions. These are important reasons why sales of mobile solar panels are increasing.


What is important to know about charging? BRIGHT SunBell Smart, Start + and SunTurtle are designed to fully charge in five to seven hours in direct sunlight. There is a slight difference between charging time in summer and winter, but the difference between the seasons is primarily about the number of hours of daylight.


Three tips for efficient charging of your BRIGHT solar products:


  1. Keep the panel clean

Dirt on the panel will shade the solar cells. Therefore, a clean solar panel charges faster than a dirty panel.


Wash Solar Transparent
  1. Follow The Sun’s course

The solar panel charges fastest when perpendicular to the sun, hence it is advisable to move the panel after the sun. The solar panel also charges when it is cloudy, but requires 30-50 percent longer charging time.

Turn Solar Transparent
  1. Charge on cold days

Cool days are no barrier to charging. The solar panel works best in temperatures below 25 degrees, even in minus degrees. The limitation is in the battery and charging the lithium battery in temperatures below 10 degrees is not recommended.


How many hours does it take to charge your BRIGHT product?


BRIGHT Move Smart BIRGHT Start+ BRIGHT SunTurtle BRIGHT SunBell Smart
Batterikapasitet 9,6 Wh 1,6 Wh 1,6 Wh 7,5 Wh
Panelstørrelse 2 Wp 0,45 Wp 0,4 Wp 1,8Wp
Ladetid i sol (sommer og vinter) 10 t * 7 t * 7 t * 10 t *
Antall lystimer (L-M-H) 160 – 40 – 10 75 – 15 – 5 80 – 15 – 6 120 – 30 – 7
Antall fullading av smarttelefon (ca) 1 n/a n/a 1


*The product’s charging time is calculated from the amount of energy available for the product after a day in the sun, the amount of energy needed to fully charge the product, and the assumption that a “standard day” of solar charge (5kWh / m2) is achieved after seven hours in the sun. BRIGHT’s products have been tested and quality assured according to the International Electrotechnical Commission. Charging tests are performed at normal operating temperatures (TMOT: AM 1.5, 50 ° C cell temperature, 1000 W / m2 irradiance).

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