There is always light available – both in the caravan and the permanent awning!

You do not need to be somewhere completely without power to benefit from a SunBell.

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Eva loves outdoor camping and skiing, and loves the flexibility the lamps give her
and the family:

–We have a caravan with a permanent awning in the mountains, and we use it all year round. Although we have access to power, it is nice to have flexible light sources as well. We hang a SunBell on a hook by the entrance to the awning. It is readily available, and is used as required by all of us. It normally functions as a ceiling light in the room as it also has a nice design, but we also often use it as a torch when it is dark. For example, if we need to go out to replace a gas bottle – if one has run out, or if we need to adjust the TV aerial. We then remove the light unit from the screen and hang it around our neck so we have our hands free to work. Having the SunBell always hanging readily accessible means we do not have to look around for other torches.

– We place the solar panels in the window when we go home

In addition, we have a lamp standing by the stove inside the caravan itself. It provides, among other things, extra lighting for cooking, and is practical. In addition, I often take the light unit out and hang it around my neck when knitting or needing extra light for reading. When we go home, we always leave the solar panels hanging in the window, so that they’re charged up and ready for our next trip. There will always be some sunlight during the time we are not there.

Since we really enjoy skiing, we have a winter tradition of taking a skiing trip to Turtagrø in Jotunheimen. This means winter camping, and we always take a SunBell with us. We can either use it to light up the tent or as a reading light or torch. While we are out skiing during the day, the solar panel is recharging to make the tent cosy
in the evening. To say that the SunBell lamp is really useful for us, is a no brainer!

– Eva Klingen, all year round camping enthusiast