Among moose and capercaillie in the dark of the forest there is always a light!

Deep in the woods, by the Ramstjern lake in Espedalen, Norway you will find the twelve metre high Elgtårnet (Moose tower). Here you can bring friends and family to stay overnight among the wild animals of the forest. But, if you find it too dark, just turn on a SunBell – or ten!

The idea behind the Moose Tower is that it is an accommodation solution where you get to come close to nature. Being without electricity and water, deep inside the forest, offers a very special experience. Staying in the tower is a bit like staying in a tent, except that here the tent is “ready built”. In winter it gets dark early and the SunBell lamps are then the only lighting in the tower. The six bed spaces in the sleeping area each have a SunBell lamp. They are mostly used as reading lights. In the living room there are four lamps that provide good lighting for both cooking and cosy evening activities, such as card games. At the top of the tower is the “holy of holies”, the incinerating toilet here of course there is also a lamp.

Guests take care of charging the lamps themselves

When guests leave the tower, they place the solar panels in the windows to recharge. The lamps will then be fully charged by the time the next guests arrive. This arrangement works really well, which means it is something that we do not need to take care of. Our job is to light the stove, and provide enough water and wood for the guests who are coming.

Moose Tower. Espedalen, Norway

When we planned the tower, it was important for us to find a lighting option that could work without electricity and that was safe. There is a wood stove in the Moose Tower, but the use of candles or other flammable lighting is not allowed. Another requirement was that it had to be easy for us to operate the lighting, and that is definitely the case with a SunBell.

When many different users use something, it can be subjected to considerable wear and tear. After one year of operation, none of the lamps have been damaged. We are therefore really satisfied with the quality. In fact, we now sell the lamps in our kiosk, as we had many Danish guests who wanted their own SunBell to take home for their summer house in Denmark that did not have power.

– Grethe Gillebo, Elgtårnet and Dalseter Høyfjellshotell