Meet BRIGHT's new CEO!

We are happy to inform that Selma Kveim is our new CEO from 15th of October. We had a chat with her to learn more about who our new leader is.


What motivates you to make this change and join BRIGHT Products as CEO?

I have a history with BRIGHT – my first contact was in 2012 when I saw an article in DN. I contacted the team and saw the prototype of SunBell. The product design and quality, the multi functionality and the fact that it was based on sustainable energy excited me. Since then, a number of products have been added, and I am impressed with the journey BRIGHT has made as a company. I believe that new sustainable technology is the key to solving challenges in the world, and BRIGHTs products and philosophy fits right into that.

What previous experience and thoughts are you bringing with you to BRIGHT?

I have worked for IT companies in nearly 30 years of which 16 years internationally with responsibility for sales and distribution in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. For the last 8 years I have been doing Management for hire for a number of different companies in addition to having board positions. I bring with me a toolbox of experiences, that I want to blend with existing knowledge and together we will make a difference.

What will be the most important things you do in your early stages at BRIGHT?

The first weeks and month I will take time to learn to know the people in BRIGHT. I will also connect with existing partners and learn more about the markets BRIGHT is operating in. There are a lot of possibilities for BRIGHT, and if anyone has ideas or want to connect, please get in touch!

team bright with new ceo selma kveim

Some of team BRIGHT meeting the new CEO, Selma Kveim.