Lighting up the cabin with clean solar energy

Bird chipper, creaky doors, nature as your playground, board games, hikes and long summer nights. That’s the cabin life, says Rolf.

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AN ENVIRONMENTALIST: Rolf is more concerned with the environment than your average person. That’s why he appreciates Bright’s solar products. – Thinks of all the batteries you save, he says.

That his children would spend a large share of their childhood at their cabin was never in doubt. Rolf practically grew up in their family cottage. Here, countless flutes have been whittled, monopoly bills exchanged, and fond moments shared.

– We’ve created so many memories here, and the children are always excited when we arrive at our cabin. It’s like entering a whole new world. We never have to ask twice if we should hop in the car and spend the weekend at the cabin, Rolf says.

While the cottage is connected to the grid, there is one item Rolf never leaves home without: his flashlight. Whether he’s searching for something in the shed, fixing something in the basement, or unloading the car at night – the flashlight is always with him. Recently, Rolf acquired a new favourite flashlight – the SunBell.

– I’ve always enjoyed having a proper source of light with me. The most important thing is its brightness, battery life and portability. The fact that the SunBell is charged using solar energy and can charge my phone through its USB-port are major bonuses.

Read more about the SunBell and buy it here

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READING LIGHT: Some screentime is welcome when night falls. Bringing the iPad outdoors makes it even better. If the battery is on the smaller side, it can even be charged directly from the SunBell with a regular USB cable.

A lamp for the environment

Rolf is a self-declared environmentalist. That’s why the SunBell’s built-in solar panel appeals to him.

- I no longer rely on buying disposable batteries that run out after only a few trips. While the impact of one flashlight becomes small when looking at the bigger picture, every little bit helps.

- Besides, sunlight is free. Batteries are not, he adds.

In fact, a single SunBell can potentially replace as many as 5,000 AAA-batteries in its lifetime. This durability is important to Rolf. All of Bright’s products are made with recyclable plastic and designed to last for many, many years.

– Few things frustrate me more than products that break from normal use. Landfills all over the world are overflowing because the things we buy aren’t made to last. It drives me mad, Rolf says.

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Flashlight games

One thing that doesn’t frustrate Rolf is seeing the kids engaged in fun and games at the cabin.

– They become more creative here, somehow. Anything they come across can be used as a toy. They love tinkering and widdling and are always collecting sticks and other materials. There’s no limit to what they come up with, Rolf shares with a smile. He always brings a drill and woodworking tools to help.

– When the days get shorter after Summer, I organize treasure hunts in the woods. I mark the checkpoints using reflectors, and the kids have to use their flashlights to find the way. As they’ve grown older and wiser, I’ve really had to challenge myself to make the hunts more difficult.

– Last time I placed the last reflector high up in a tree, Rolf laughs.

- When we have other families visiting, the kids insist on playing “capture the flag”. It’s an intense team sport where each team marks a part of the woods as their territory. Each team takes turns hiding the flag. The opposing team then has to sneak into enemy territory to steal it. Once the flag is brought safely back to their own court, the roles are reversed.

- A small, portable flashlight is a must when paying “capture the flag”. Each player gets a BRIGHT Start+. It fits in your pocket, which is useful when hiding from the opposing team.

- It’s also the perfect companion when we go tenting, says the happy camper. Rolf and the kids often spend the night outdoors.

- That’s when a solar lamp that can charge our other electronic devices is particularly handy. Not to mention the fact that we don’t have to worry about leaving the light on. We’ll just recharge it the next day, Rolf says.

WOODWORKING: The Summer results in countless wooden boats, necklaces, flutes and curious items unknown to Rolf. What matters is the process, not the final product.