Meet BRIGHT Move - the handy solar lamp that also charges your phone!

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After delivering more than two million SunBells in off-grid areas around the globe, we now have a new solar product on the market: BRIGHT Move. BRIGHT Move includes a solar lamp that could provide up to 160 hours of light, a phone charger and a solar panel, all fit inn a handy size which makes it perfect to bring on the move.

BRIGHT Move comes in two version; BRIGHT Move and BRIGHT Move Smart, the only difference being battery capacity. BRIGHT Move Smart has the largest battery capacity and provides up to 160 hours of light and is available in our webshop. BRIGHT Move provides up to 80 hours of light and is available on request.

For the most basic needs, such as light reading or domestic work, many rely on diesel generators, toxic kerosene lamps and/or hazardous fireplaces in off-grid communities. To prevent air pollution, many have turned to small solar powered lamps which also could provide smart phone charging

Our new product has a integrated solar panel, lamp and phone charger – making BRIGHT Move a all-in-one lamp. The integrated solar panel makes charging in the sun easy! Just position BRIGHT Move towards the sun and start charging. The handy lamp can be used as a portable light, ceiling light, wall mounted light and reading light, as well as a phone charger.

Designed based on identified needs in off-grid markets

The development of our solar lamps and phone chargers are based on identified needs in off-grid lighting markets. The lamps are built to last under tough conditions, where access to clean energy is needed. We at BRIGHT Products are aiming to improve off-grid living and gain understanding on how affordable, convenient access to light and charging can remove the negative effects of living off-grid, and improve family economy, education, health, and safety.

– Our company aims to deliver products that will last for years, Olivier Butstraen, Product Design & Development Manager, says. – This new lamp is smaller in size than our famous SunBell, but with a bigger battery capacity. It has a simple and sustainable design and can provide up to 160 hours of light on the lowest light level.

– BRIGHT Move Smart has become a permanent traveling partner when I’m in areas with no or unstable access to electricity. I use it as safety- and work light, plus to charge or top-up my mobile phone when traveling, CSO Tommy Engvik says.

Check out the product features of our traveling partner BRIGHT Move smart, here! 


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