Christmas campaign resulted in new solar lamps for Natteravnene

BRIGHTs Christmas campaign "2 gifts in 1" resulted in 40 new SunBell Smart lamps to Natteravnene and their work.

natteravnene bright products solcelle lamper

Photo: Secretary General in Natteravnene, Lars Norbom and CMO in BRIGHT Products, Arild Bjørn-Larsen

This Christmas, BRIGHT wanted to contribute to Natteravnene and Redningselskapets work by donating 50NOK for every product sold in our web shop in November and December.

–We are very happy for this. Vi need support from both businesses and the public but we are selective in what we say yes to of sponsoring. With BRIGHT, we knew that we had a giver with high ethical standards and a good product that’s been used alot in aid and relief, says Secretary General in Natteravnene, Lars Norbom.

Solar lamps will be used in light festival

–Light means alot for Natteravnene, both in a practical and symbolic way. We tend to operate in dark areas. We use light to do something positive, says Norbom. They want to use the lamps as an appreciation to their volunteers.

–The lamps will also be used at the yearly light festival that takes place along Akerselva in Oslo, where we participate every year. Previously we have used some home made patents so this will be a big upgrade for us, says Norbom.

Natteravene kyle meyr

Photo: Natteravnene, Kyle Meyr

The lamps light up the surroundings and increase safety

–Our cars has floodlights on the sides to light up the surroundings. We sometimes transport people to the emergency room and we have a van with alot of equipment that we use on stands at fairs.
The Secretary General describes the organisation he works for in the following manner:

–In short, Natteravnene are a group of sober adult people that through their presence creates safety. We do not interfere in violent situations, but call the police. Just us being present often has a calming effect, Norbom explains.

Proud to be seen as a serious organisation

In a survey from 2017, people were asked to rank Norwegian organisations after how good a impression they had of them. Natteravnene was ranked as number four in this survey, only beaten by the Norwegian Red Cross, Doctors without borders and Kreftforeningen.

–We are proud of being seen as a serious organisation. The three organisations that ranked above us are significantly larger than us with alot of resources, says Norbom. Since volunteering is so important to us, help and support come in handy.

–Gifts means alot more for a small organisation, and Grasrotandelen and other activites like this helps us alot. We want to thank BRIGHT Products for choosing us and we can confirm that the SunBell Smart is a solid product with a good battery capacity, says Lars Norbom.

lars nordbom natteravnene solcellelampe bright products

Photo: Lars Norbom, Secretary General Natteravnene.