Bringing sustainable light and energy to rural Mozambique

“Light Up Linga Linga” is a project born from the shared vision of BRIGHT and Project Vita, that access to sustainable light and energy can quickly and significantly empower rural communities and create lasting change.

About the project

The collaboration between BRIGHT and Project Vita is an initiative to provide solar lamps and home systems to the Linga Linga community in Mozambique. This partnership also seeks to research and review the social impact of sustainable energy solutions while exploring their potential for replication in other rural areas. With a focus on improving the lives of community members, the primary objective is to provide all 500 households and 14 health clinics in the district with access to sustainable and stable light.

Key Motivations:

Access to electricity can transform lives. Many rural communities heavily rely on wood, charcoal, and kerosene for their energy needs, which negatively impacts their health and contributes to deforestation and environmental degradation. Through portable solar light and energy solutions, positive change can be brought about where the grid is inadequate or unavailable, empowering communities and fostering a sustainable future.


Having access to sustainable energy and light will make life overall easier. Some immediate effects include:

1. Improving Education

Children will have better conditions for homework and safer walks to and from school.

2. Enhanced Safety for Women:

Women carrying water from communal wells face various risks when walking in the dark. Providing them with light will make it safer.

3. Improving Healthcare Services:

Currently, the 14 clinics in the Linga Linga area need access to consistent lighting solutions, hindering quality healthcare services. We strive to create safer and more efficient environments for patients and medical staff by providing these clinics with additional reliable light sources. This initiative will significantly impact healthcare delivery and contribute to the community’s overall well-being.

Expanding to Neighboring Villages:

Subject to availability after fulfilling our initial targets, the plan is to extend distribution of lamps to neighboring villages in the district.

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