SunBells in Nyawa Mothers' Shelter - Zambia

In April 2022, five BRIGHT SunBells were delivered to Nyawa Mother’s Shelter in Zambia - the place where local women stay before and after giving birth at Nyawa Rural Health Center

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Supported by Nyawa United – Behind the Scenes – a humanitarian project promoting gender equality and empowering rural communities in the Southern Province of Zambia, Nyawa Mother’s Shelter is the place where women in Nyawa, Zambia stay before and after giving birth at Nyawa Rural Health Center. The local pregnant women often come to the Shelter when in their 7th or 8th month of pregnancy. Once they give birth, they go back to the shelter and stay there for a few days until they can return to their villages, which can be 50km far away.

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Each week, there are from 20 to 45 women staying at the shelter. Due to the lack of space and facilities, many of them have to sleep on very thin mattresses or even outside. Without light and electricity, it is sometimes unsafe for them in the evening to go to the toilet outside or even just to arrange things or walk around inside the crowded shelter.

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We are so happy that five BRIGHT portable solar lamps can bring light to the shelter, improving the safety of the women there. With SunBells, they now can cook easier in the evening and no longer fear going out at night. Inside the shelter, the women can organize the rooms and see where they are lying on the floor when the sun goes down. Furthermore, thanks to SunBell’s charging capacity, they now can charge their phones during the day and no longer need to pay the local kiosk to charge them.

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