Art project 'Scream from Nature' in Myanmar

The art project 'Scream from Nature" by artist Lise Wulff using solar lamps from BRIGHT Products

The Scream from Nature is an environment art project by Norwegian artist Lise Wulff. As a contemporary interpretation of Munch’s masterpiece the Scream, the iconic anxiety-ridden face is recreated outdoors in nature. Munch wrote about the Scream motif: «I felt a huge unending scream course through nature”. Now we hear other screams from nature, like droughts, floods, extreme weather, melting glaciers and extinction of species. Still, the project invites to positive thinking, focusing on how each and every one of us can show that we listen to the scream from nature.

In the video you can see children from the orphanage Mein Thauk in Myanmar.

In Myanmar, the Scream from Nature collaborates with the Inle Speaks Center, which is supported by Partnership for Change. Solar lamps from BRIGHT Products are distributed to villages around Inle Lake to be used in schools and orphanages.

When used to replace oil lamps in areas without electricity, the solar lamps will reduce indoor air pollution and save the families fuel expenses. The lamps also improve safety for women and make studies and entrepreneurial activities easier.