5 things to remember for a night in nature!

Being outside and sleeping surrounded by nature is an adventurous but also peaceful experience that will make you more creative. Here are 5 tips for a comfortable and cozy night in nature.


By: Elisa Røtterud

Open your eyes and look out of your tent. What do you see?  

It is 06.00 in the morning, and you’re about to make yourself a cup of coffee. What a luxury! Maybe you are preparing for today’s first Zoom meeting. Why don’t you attend the meeting from the tent, before traveling home to continue working? A micro-adventure in daily life would significantly boost your self-esteem. This is the true feeling of freedom! The best thing is that you do not have to travel far to experience the joy of doing something new. Take a night out on the balcony! When was the last time you did something for the first time? Turn your everyday life into an adventure!

According to Florence Williams – the author of the award-winning book “The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative”, we would become more creative and harmonious by being and sleeping outside.

This year, as last year, holidays will be filled with tents, hammocks, and possibly a cabin for many of us.  

So, what to take with you for an overnight trip?

Here are 5 tips for a comfortable and cozy night in nature!

1. Less is more. Remember, you have to carry everything

Tent/hammock, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, clothes, extra shoes, burner, food and cookware. It will quickly add up and gets heavy!

As for toiletries, you will not need much but just a few grams. Remember to find a small and neat sunscreen tube, a travel-sized toothpaste. Don’t forget to wrap either your toothbrush or the spatula with some duct tape. Should you get a tear on your jacket or tent, it is needed to repair it. It is much more important to protect yourself from mosquitoes and bring first aid equipment such as plasters and bandages, than make-up and unnecessary heavy objects.
Antibac and a washcloth or wet wipes – and you’ll be well covered!

2. Leave no trace. Always bring a garbage bag and matches

The right to roam allows us to access nearly anywhere we want. But with this right comes responsibilities.  The main rule is that we show respect for nature by picking up the rubbish, leaving no trace behind. We call this “leave no trace” duty. 

Bring a small garden shovel and dig a neat pit for the toilet. Upon departure, either put the paper in a bag to take home or light the paper in the pit. If there is a forest fire danger or you are unsure, take everything in the garbage bag. 
Then, you will leave the landscape just as nice and clean as you would want to find it. 

As an ultra-portable solar lamp and charger, Move is the perfect travel companion with its sleek design and high capacity.

3. Be smart and never forget the dates for the bonfire season.

Many people think that a meal is an important part of a night out. But would it be less cozy if we are not able to cook and enjoy the meal together?
Don’t worry if there are fire bans from April 15 to September 15 or if you are not able to light fires or barbecues in forests and outfields, the experience will be the same even without the fire.
Prepare the meal at home and then fry it on a pan over a burner. If you want to make everything from scratch in nature, remember a light foil, a small knife, matches, enough gas for the burner and a light turntable. Bring paper towels to remove food scraps, and a plastic bag for unwashed dishes. Bon Appétit!

4. Create a cozy atmosphere at camp. Bring light and power supply  

Create the right adventure atmosphere with a lamp in your tent that invites you into a cozy atmosphere? Or why don’t you decorate the trees with lanterns? It will surely light up the mood.
SunBell from Bright Products is a unique solar energy lamp with a USB charger and can offer light for up to 120 hours. This Norwegian innovation has become a must-have among tent enthusiasts.

SunBell is so convenient with parts that can be disassembled for more functionalities. Attach a carabiner hook to the lamp and you will have ceiling lights inside your tent. If you want to read, simply take the lamp out of the lampshade and place the light around your neck. It is ingenious to be used for a trip in either a cabin or a tent. In case you want some music around the campsite, put your phone under the lampshade and you will have a speaker.
A USB charger is integrated into SunBell that offers three different light settings. It is worth its weight in gold if you are a little scared of the dark at night. Another good thing is that you do not need to save any batteries as the SunBell can always be charged with the sun.
And remember that you can charge your mobile and camera on it as well.

5. Smile, consideration and a high factor of coziness. Where should you camp?

An exciting adventure in everyday life should be a short-distance adventure, not far from your home. When more and more people are seeking the joy of sleeping outside, how should we behave? Find a campsite that suits your feeling and the theme of your day.

If you want a campsite where many people pitch their tents, you will be likely to indulge in pleasant sounds like laughter and music in the distance. In that case, remember earplugs if you are going to get up early! Feel free to spend some time at your campsite. Where does the sun go down? Do you want to enjoy the sunrise with a morning coffee? How is the wind direction this day? Let yourself be curious about nature and the surroundings. Then you will find a campsite that is apparently just yours and you will have your own little secret sanctuary in the woods!

That feeling, when you find it- will create many fond memories for you and your beloved ones.