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Solar panel glass is broken.

A broken solar panel might still be able to charge your lamp and there is no need to change it for a new one. If that is the case, it is a good idea to use transparent tape or a silicone adhesive to keep the small glass pieces together to prevent cutting your hands. Follow the guide

Required tools

  • Knife

  • Transparent Tape

Step 1

Apply tape or silicon over shattered glass.

Carefully apply the tape over the damaged area. Be mindful not to rub your fingers over the glass surface as the small pieces might cut you.

Step 2

Trim excess of tape.

Using a sharp knife, trim the tape excess. It is a good idea to do it by following the circular contour of the panel.

Apply as many layers of tape as necessary to cover the entire damaged area.

Step 3

Press adhesive

Gently press down the applied tape to ensure a good adhesion, while also removing bubbles.