BRIGHT SunBell 2.0 Y

BRIGHT SunBell 2.0 Y is a high capacity and quality solar lamp and charger that covers all the needs of a household. Thanks to its multi-functional design, it can be used as a traditional lantern, a focused ceiling light or as an ambient light.

In addition to general lighting, BRIGHT SunBell 2.0 Y provides high quality reading light and can be used as a hands-free light or outdoor torch. Its ability to charge mobile phones is expanded due to its high capacity battery, making it unique and versatile!

Key specifications

Technical specifications
Battery typeLiFePO4
Battery capacity4.8 Wh (1,500 mAh at 3.2V) @ 100% DoD
Battery lifespan5-7 years (2,000 charge cycles)
Charge timeSolar: < 5 hours, USB: 1.5 hours
Solar panel typeMonocrystalline
Solar panel output1.7 W ± 5% at 4V, Voc= 5.05V, Isc=0.430A
Solar panel cable4 m retractable
Device chargingUSB port (5V 500 mA)
Warranty 2 years


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Contact information

Madeleine Chapman Kjellevand

Head of Humanitarian Partnerships
Mobile: +47 4523 9366
Skype: m_kjellevand