User-centric and optimized

BRIGHT Sol is a modular  solar lamp with 360-degree light distribution and all the essential functions of a family light. It can also charge your mobile phone. Sol is light to carry, simple to use, and designed for easy maintenance and repair.  Developed on BRIGHT’s sustainable design platform, Sol is the result of several years of market research, and customer- and user feedback. Choose between three battery capacities: Basic capacity, Mid-capacity and High capacity

Features & benefits

Versatile lighting

  •  360-degree light distribution.
  • Sol Mid-capacity provides 280 hours of light (lowest setting) on a single charge
  • From 5 lumen to 230 lumen (boost)

Sol  provides comfortable and evenly distributed light as a lantern, hanging or wall lamp, or at higher settings be reading or work light.  With a capacity of 3600 mAh it can charge your mobile phone too.

Featured Image Sol Product Usage

Compact and light

  • Weight lamp, cable & solar panel: 417 gr
  • Weight lamp only:  282 gr
  • Size product in box: h: 15,7 cm d: 5,7 cm w:11,5 cm.

The compact design and lighter weight of Sol makes it is easier to carry and place. The compact size of the packaged product also means more products can be shipped in a container giving a lower transport cost per product.

Featured Image Sol I Ulike Vinkler 2

Modular design – adaptable and long lasting

  • Lamp modularity: Choose between three different energy capacities
    The need of the user, camp or settlement may vary from situation to situation. Therefore, Sol offers three different battery  capacities: Basic capacity, Mid-capacity and High capacity
    to accommodate this.
  • Battery modularity:  easier to replace it
    Sol has been made so you can replace the battery quite easily when the time comes (after some years of use). This makes it easier to locally source a replacement battery.

Reduced environmental impact

  • One type of plastic in the lamp shade and lamp unit makes it easier to recycle Sol when it reaches end of life!
  • Fewer parts and less plastic material reduces overall co2 emission in manufacturing, transportation and when product reaches end of life
  • 99.5% of Sol can be recycled!
Featured Image Sol I Ulike Vinkler 1

Key specifications

Sol Mid-capacity

Technical specificationsSol Mid-capacity
Light settingsLow: 5 lm, Medium: 20 lm, High:100lm Boost: 230 lm
Runtime Low/Medium/High/Boost: 280h+/65h+/11h+/30min
Battery type:Li-ion Life Po4
Battery capacity: 11.52 Wh (3,600 mAh at 3.2V)
Battery lifespan:5+ years (2000 charge cycles)
Charge time: Solar: < 7 hours, USB: 2 hours
Solar panel type: Monocrystalline
Solar panel output:2 W ± 5% at 5V
Solar panel cable: 2m
Output:USB port (5V 1A)
Standard 2 years warranty


Product manuals

Contact information

Madeleine Chapman Kjellevand

Head of Sales and Humanitarian Partnerships

Lorena Muñoz Carmona

Sustainability and Partnership Manager