A unique solar lamp and charger!

SunBell is a multiawardwinning solar lamp that provides both light and charging capacity. Its smart design will give you numerous functionalities.

BRIGHT is one of the market leaders in solar products and we have delivered more than 2.6 million products worldwide. Our products can be used in different climates, from Norwegian cold winters to African hot summers. A BRIGHT product will stand the test of quality and offer you the light you need for years to come.  With the well-balanced technology, BRIGHT products are optimized for longlasting use (up to 4 years with daily use) and easy repair as well as will be recycled at the end of its life. 

In fact, you could say a BRIGHT product is a personal solar power plant, providing POWER IN YOUR HANDS.


What the SunBell offers:


120 hours of light

SunBell offers more than 120 hours of light on the lowest setting (5 lumen). That’s enough hours of light to last for more than 20 days (if used 5 hours daily)! That’s enough light for the average time it takes to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, FOUR TIMES! On the highest setting (120 lumen), the lamp will last for up to 7 hours.

Multi-functionality in use and in light

SunBell offers 7 key functions in one product. Whether you use it as a hanging ceiling light, a table light, or as a handsfree light, the SunBell will always be adaptable to any situation.

Charge your phone or other devices

SunBell has an integrated USB port that you can use to charge your phone or other electronic devices (radio, GoPro or other camera batteries, sport watch or GPS).

Save money

Compared with an AAA battery, a SunBell will give you enough power to replace up to 5,000 AAA batteries through its lifetime. That’s the equivalent of USD 3,500. Solar energy is an infinite source of clean energy that can save you quite a lot.

Charge the Sunbell

If you place the SunBell in direct sunlight, it will be fully charged within 7 hours. What if it is a cloudy day? Don’t worry! Sunbell can also be charged with a wall charger.

Create a brighter future

Solar energy is a free and sustainable way to light up your life. With a SunBell, you will make a difference by replacing the use of fossil energy sources and/or single-use batteries, taking a small step towards a brighter future.


How does the SunBell work?

Technical information and support

Battery typeNMC
Battery size7.5 Wh
Battery life span4+ years (1,500 charge cycles)
USB/wall chargingYes
Phone chargingYes
Brightness (lumen) at max120
Light color5,500 - 6,00 kelvin
Solar panel typeMonocrystalline
Solar panel size1,8Wp
Solar panel cable length 3m
Warranty2 Years
Light modes/settingsLow - Medium - High - Emergency
Runtime120+ hours - 30+ hours - 7+ hours



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