A home system that 3 lamps for indoor and outdoor use, plus two USB ports.
It also supports a wide range of add-on products, and comes in two versions, 29 Wh and 58 Wh.

With BRIGHT Home, families can enjoy light in the home all evening and keep their mobile devices fully charged.

Not available online
This product is currently not available for ordering online. You are still able to explore the features of this product.

A home system that powers 3 lamps for indoor and outdoor use, plus two USB ports.


BRIGHT Home is our brand new home system, that comes in two versions. BRIGHT Home is currently not available in the web shop. For inquires, send an email to info(a)

Key features:

  • 29 Wh/58 Wh
  • Solar charging
  • 2 indoor or outdoor multi-focus light
  • 1 indoor or outdoor fixed focus light
  • 2 USB ports (5 V 0,6 A)
  • SmartBracket mounting system
  • Upgradable battery pack (on 29 Wh version)
  • PAYG (optional)


Technical information

Light, battery and panel:29 Wh58 Wh
Battery type:LiFePO4LiFePO4
Battery capacity:29 Wh (3000 mAh at 9.6V)58 Wh (6,000 mAh ved 9.6V)
Battery charge cycles:2,0002,000
Solar panel:PolycrystallinePolycrystalline
Solar panel output:10W at 8V10W at 8V
Light:8 hours at 100 lumen16 hours at 100 lumen
40 hours at 20 lumen80 hours at 20 lumen
70 hours at 10 lumen140 hours at 10 lumen
Key features:29 Wh58 Wh
Number of lamps:2 indoor and 1 outdoor lamp2 indoor and 1 outdoor lamp
USB:2 USB ports (5V 500 mA)2 USB ports (5V 500 mA)
Cables:6 meter6 meter
Weight (in box):3.6 Kg3.9 Kg