BRIGHT SunBell Smart

A unique solar lantern and smartphone charger for everyday use!

What SunBell Smart offers

SunBell Smart offers 8 key functions in one product, making it the most high-performing and multi-functional product in its class.

BRIGHT SunBell Smart

The unique multi-functional design from SunBell 2.0, but with 50% more battery capacity, providing more light and charging
1. Hanging light
2. Flexible torch
3. Task light
4. Emergency strobe light
5. Hands free light
6. Lantern
7. Phone charger
8. Reading light

on the go

USB charger


SunBell Smart adds new features and additional battery capacity to the award-winning and multi-functional SunBell. It invokes interest and emotional appeal, creating a “wow” factor with its users. SunBell Smart is a high-quality and weatherproof lamp with more than 7 hours of light on full-power on a single charge. It has an integrated USB charger that can be used to charge most smartphones.

Key features:

  • Solar charging
  • Multifunctional light
  • Light modes: Low – med – high
  • 8 functions
  • Integrated USB charger
  • PAYG (optional)
  • Can also be charged with Wall charger or Car charger


  • CE
  • Lighting Global Quality Standards
  • IP64


Technical information

LightBattery and solar panel
Light source3 Samsung LEDsBattery typeLi-ion NMC
Light output high7 hours at 100 lumenBattery capasity7.5 Whn(2,200 mAh at 3.7 V)
Light output medium30 hours at 20 lumenBattery lifespan4+ yearn(1,500 charge cycles)
Light output low120 hours at 5 lumenSolar panel typeMonocrystalline
LED lifespan50,000 hours+Solar panel output1.8 W at 5 V
Light distribution90–360 degrees (depending on use)
ColourCool White (5,500–6,000 Kelvin)

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