The pocket-sized solar light for your everyday lighting needs.


Charged within a day

Pocket size – perfect for traveling

Sturdy metal foot for mounting

Integrated solar panel

110 g (incl. packaging)

bright products bright start + red nature


BRIGHT Start+ is a solar powered light, packed in a clever size. Its portability and low weight makes it easy to carry and the included metal foot lets you place it where you need light the most. 

With BRIGHT Start+ you get up to 75 hours in one charge on the lowest light mode, providing you with all the light you need on-the-goBRIGHT Start+ has both an integrated USB port and solar panel making it possible to charge both from electricity and from solar energy.

Technical information

Battery & USBLight
Battery type: LiFePO41 high quality LED
Battery capacity: 1.6 Wh (500 mAh at 3.2 V)5 hours at 25 lumen
Battery lifespan: 3 years (1,000 charge cycles)15 hours at 8 lumen
USB port: 5 V 500 mA75 hours at 1 lumen

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