A 3-light plug-and-play Solar Home System

Home 300 is a plug-and-play Solar Home Light System designed for small home setups. It comes standard with 3 lamps and 2 USB ports for mobile phone charging. It holds enough power from one single charge to provide lighting for your home and in addition can charge your smart phone. The charge percentage you can achieve will depend on the connected device’s battery capacity, as well as whether it is on and being used while charging. Some devices will not be compatible with the Home System, for example laptops and tablets that require higher electrical output to charge than the system can provide. See technical information below.

The included solar panel has a 6-meter long cable and can be easily mounted onto the roof. The lamps have altogether 7 meters of cable and an included light switch which allows you to use the lamps in three light modes.

With Home 300, families can enjoy light in their homes all evening and keep their mobile phones charged. This practical solar home system is perfect for small cabins, hunting lodges, boat houses… the possibilities are endless!

What does Home 300 offer?

Light & Battery runtime

Home 300 can offer more than 60 hours of light on the lowest setting (10lumen). That’s enough hours of light to last more than 20 days (if used 5 hours daily). On the highest setting (120lumen) it will last for up to 7 hours.

The system is powered by a 29Wh battery that needs 7-hour in direct sunlight to be fully charged. The long-lasting battery can endure 2000 charges, which is equivalent to from 5 to 7 years depending on usage frequency.

Whats included?

Home 300 comes standard with 3 lamps and 2 USB ports for mobile phone charging.
The system can support up to 6 lamps. You can have your daily lighting needs met and also charge your phone with clean and infinite solar energy by our home system.


With no requirement for pre-existing infrastructure, Home 300 is easy to set up in all conditions. The 6-meter solar panel cable and 7-meter lamp cable provide you with the highest flexibility to install the solar panel and set up the lamps based on your needs.

Benefits of going solar

Solar energy is a free and sustainable way to light up your life. With Home 300, you will make a difference by replacing the use of fossil energy sources and/or single-use batteries, taking a small step towards a brighter future.

Technical information and support

Home 300
Battery typeLiFePO4
Battery capacity29Wh
Battery charge cycles2,000
Solar panel typePolycrystalline
Solar panel size10 Wp
Warranty2 years
Number of lamps3
Low setting60+ hours at 10 lumen/lamp
Medium setting40+ hours at 20 lumen/lamp
High setting7+ hours at 120 lumen/lamp

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