UN Sustainable Development Goals

At BRIGHT sustainability is at the core of our business! We work closely with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, you can read more about how we work towards some of the goals below:


According to the International Energy Agency, half of nearly one billion people without access to electricity today, will never be on the grid. Access to energy is a catalyst for better health, economic growth, and overall improvement in quality of life. It provides safety, unlocks longer days, enables communication – and costs less than fossil fuels. To date, BRIGHT has provided more than 13 million people with basic energy access by harnessing the power of the sun.


Climate change is threatening the availability of freshwater, food, energy and other basic needs – often impacting poor, vulnerable communities the most. To date, BRIGHT has enabled the elimination of 3.4 million tons of CO2e, by substituting dirty energy sources with renewable solar energy.

Our products are made to last and cover a wide range of uses – so you can do more, with less. BRIGHT Move, our portable solar lamp and mobile charger, can replace up to 5 000 AAA batteries through its lifetime.


Almost one billion people around the world rely on kerosene and other expensive forms of energy to cover their most basic needs. A solar lamp or home system can save a family living off-grid $130 per year, allowing them to invest in their own economic growth.

So far, BRIGHT has saved families more than $400 million by offering clean, affordable energy and help more than 370,000 undertake more economic activity.


Access to light is a determining factor in ensuring that children get access to education. Those most in need of quality schooling often have to choose between helping their families or spending the daylight hours studying. Solar lights unlock more hours every day so that children can study even after the sun has gone down. So far, BRIGHT has helped unlock more than 6.5 billion hours of light for rural households.

Additional UN Sustainable Development Goals we focus on:

How we impact the world

13 373 946
People with improved energy access
3 493 834
Tons of CO2e emissions avoided
4 560 705W
Installed capacity
$467 773 545
Savings on fossil energy sources



6 522 018 730 hours of light unlocked

The light from BRIGHT’s solar lamps is a catalyst for productivity, play, and personal development. Collectively, the millions of families using our products have unlocked more than 6 billion hours of clean light powered by the sun - That’s a lot!

In fact, it’s more than 700,000 years of light. Enough time for wizards all over the world to immerse themselves in the magical Harry Potter series 80 million times.

445 000 trips around the world

By helping families replace kerosene lanterns and other unsustainable energy sources with solar lights and home systems, BRIGHT has contributed to the avoidance of almost 3.5 million tonnes of C02e emissions.

So far, we’ve helped replace more than 2.7 million dirty kerosene lamps! That’s the equivalent of traveling around the world more than 445,000 times by plane.

18 Olympic-sized swimming pools of coal avoided

Replacing fossil fuels with clean solar energy sources is good for both people and planet. To date, BRIGHT has helped install more than 4.5 megawatts of clean power. That’s equivalent to more than 1,800 tonnes of coal - enough to fill 18 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

6 x the height of Mt. Everest

BRIGHT’s products let families reduce the money spent on fossil fuels for light, mobile charging and entertainment.

So far, it is estimated that BRIGHT has helped millions of families save a total of USD 467 million on energy. If you made a stack of this in one-dollar bills, you’d reach the summit of Mt. Everest nearly 6 times!

How we measure impact and take action